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Happy Dog Yards LLC was created in December 2006.  It is owned and operated by Brad and Kris Erickson. We live in Westby WI and we service La Crosse and all of the Coulee region.   We decided to start this business because of our three kids.  They all got dogs for Christmas and we did also.  One of them couldn't be happy with just one so she got two.  Well that is a total of five dogs.  So who do you think got to clean up after these dogs? Brad won the job.  So I got to thinking who I could get to clean up fifteen piles of waste per day on the average. By the way that comes out to approx. one hundred and five piles a week. Well I couldn't find anyone to do it. So I decided to start my own business cleaning up piles of waste.
  I would like you to know that we are dedicated to helping keep your yard and our community clean and enjoyable for all. 

Brad and Kris