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Time for a Cleaning
Give us a call and we will get it done for you

Our goal is to provide our services at the lowest cost possible so that everyone who owns a dog can afford our services.  Whether it be the person in a wheelchair, the wife who doesn't have the time to clean the yard, the husband who is just too tired after work, or even the person who just doesn't want to clean up after their dog. This service is also great for the elderly and the busy professional. Whatever you do or whoever you are, give us a call and we will clean your dogs' yard so you can enjoy your time with them, instead of having to do the dirty work.
Brad Erickson (owner and operator)

                                     Number of Dogs  

                           once a week

                           1 = $12.00

                           2 = $15.00

                           3 = $18.00

                           4 = $20.00

                           5 or more please call for pricing

                           No Contracts.  Lowest prices in the area. 

 Spring Cleaning available for three dogs or less. I suggest doing the weekly service so as the snow goes away so does the dog poop that's hidden under the snow. Give me a call and I will set you up for what I believe is the best service that you can get. Thanks, Brad  Smile

Please call for pricing

One Time Cleaning

Please call for pricing